This website is about the Hoogendijk family that has its roots in the area around the villages of Stormpolder, Capelle aan den IJssel and Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (Zuid Holland, The Netherlands). Early proof of their existance dates from the 15th century. Several family-members have done thorough historical research. That research has resulted in many interesting publications and the discovery of many beautiful pictures and documents. The familyname is mostly spelled as Hoogendijk, but other legal variations can be found as well including Hegendijck, Hogendijk, Hogendik, Hoogendyck, Hoogendyk, Hogendijck, Schouten Hoogendijk, Hoogedijck, Hoogendijck and Hoogendijk van Cappellen. At the same time it must be stressed that Proos Hoogendijk, Hogendijk Heerder, Hoogendijk van Langen and Wouter Hoogendijk are illegal versions of the familyname. The most interesting facts of our family are put together on a separate timeline. The oldest image of (a part of) the Family Crest can be found on a tombstone that dates from early 17th century. That tombstone is located in the protestant church of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. It can be concluded that in our family more than 2.770 people do carry or have carried this familyname which is a toponym (Hoogendijk = High Dike). Only the names of the first generations have been published in the genealogy. This website also includes a list of other families with comparable last names and links to known publications and studies. The privacy statement (GDPR/AVG) can be found on this page .

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Monumentendag 2011 006 UITSNEDE

This tombstone commemorates the death of Aerien Floerisz Wit De Polder (xxxx-1615) and can be found in the protestant church of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. (collection C. Hoogendijk)