Other families

Our Hoogendijk family – from the villages of Stormpolder, Capelle aan den IJssel and Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (ZH) – is not the only Hoogendijk-family that exists or has existed. In-depth research by several researchers has learned that there are at least 19 other families in the world which have a comparable last name but are not biologically connected to our earliest forefathers. There are however some relations or connections. All those families originate from The Netherlands which is logic since this familyname is a so called toponym that has a obvious relation with The Netherlands / Low Countries (“Hoogendijk” in Dutch means “High Dike” in English).

Below is indicated where the “other” Hoogendijk-families come from and where more information can be found. In chronological order:

2. Hoogendijck, Hoogendijk van Domselaar and Hoogendyke family from Rhoon, Brielle, Tiel, Riga (RUS) and Archangelsk (RUS) http://gallusmagnus.nl/index.php/Hoogendijk,_Familie
3. Hogerdijck family from Zwammerdam and Reeuwijk http://www.wimhoogerdijk.info/
4. Hoogendijk family from Zevenbergen
5. Van Hogendijck family from Rotterdam
6. Hogendijk family from Streefkerk and Alblasserdam
7. Hoogendijk family from Bergambacht, Schoonhoven and Delft
8. Hoogendijk family from Scheveningen
9. Van den Hoogendijck family from Chaam
10. Hogendijck family from Aarlanderveen and Amsterdam
11. Hoogendijk and Van Rossen Hoogendijk family from Zwartewaal, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen and Vledder
12. Hoogendick family from Amsterdam and Medemblik http://members.home.nl/t.bais/Hoogendijk.htm
13. Hogendijk family from Nieuw Lekkerland
14. Hogendijk family from Lekkerkerk
15. Hogendijk family from Ferwerd
16. Hogedijk family from Berlikum and Baarderadeel
17. Hugendick family from the area of Suderwich (D)
18. Hoogendijck family from ’s-Gravenwezel (B)
19. Hegendiek family from Castrop (D)


Capelle aan den IJssel seen from the watertower in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. Numerous Hoogendijk families still live in this village. (Collection J. van Duivendijk)