The Hoogendijk Family Crest has been registered on July 12, 2011 in the register of the Central Office for Genealogy (in The Netherlands known as Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, CBG). Explanation can be found below. Be aware, in heraldry “left” and “rigth” are noted down from the person who is carrying the Crest.


Hoogendijk Family Crest (registered July 12, 2011)

CREST: part I: in blue on a silver sea till half a golden small boat, carrying two man of natural colour, black clothes and hats, of which the right one is pulling a fishing-net and the left one is rowing with a black oar;
part II: in gold a black mark, made of a closed number 4 of which the horizontal beam ends in a cross and the stickpass into two connected sloping crosses.
HELMET SIGN: the mark of the shield.
GARMENTS: right blue, lined from silver, left black, lined from gold.


→ All living descendents of Willem Florisz (Hoogendijk) (born approx. 1600) who carry the familyname have the right to use it for example for correspondence. A high quality image can be provided on request. A copy of the certificate can be obtained from the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, The Hague, The Netherlands.